What is a WordPress Maintenance Service?

A WordPress Maintenance Service keeps your wordpress website software up to date and stores a backup should the site be attacked or you manage to break it. A good analogy of this would be if you buy a car and pay a garage for monthly check ups and services to ensure it runs smoothly. This service is only offered to those who’s website I have built and are hosted on my web server accounts.

Why does my website need it?

Firstly, outdated software on your site can sometimes prevent if from working properly, this is usually due to conflicts with other software scripts. These are typically resolved by the developer with a new version, but you have to ensure these are updated.

Why don’t I just set the software to auto-update? You can do this of course, but sometimes there are delays with developers fixing bugs in their updated software, so for a while your site may appear broken. Therefore it is best practice to backup your website before updating the ‘plugins’ in-case anything does break, thus allowing you to revert to a fully working website while the conflicts are fixed. Sometimes however coding is required to fix the problem in the interim.

Websites are also prone to attacks from hackers, these can be individuals or groups who attack vulnerabilities in your websites software. Websites can be attacked in the following ways; adding malware to redirect visitors to spam, enable ‘phishing’ or by placing malware on the users computer. On rare occasions attacks can be used to enable ransom software where your content on your website or even a computer is locked until a ransom is paid to the hacker.
‘Phishing’ is the fraudulent practice of sending emails pretending to be from reputable companies in order to trick individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.
‘Malware’ is software which is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain authorised access to a computer system.

Most of all this WordPress Maintenance Service will help mitigate the risk of such attacks.

Do I have to purchase this service from you?

Not at all! If you wish you can maintain your site yourself after it is built by me. However, I would not be able host your site on my hosting packages; to protect my environment. So you would have to provide your own hosting package, but don’t worry I would install the site on to your hosting, once your are 100% happy with the build.

What exactly is done in the service?

  • Updates of WordPress version – Every two weeks.
  • Plug-in Updates – Every two weeks subject to site owning a current licence.
  • Theme Update – Every two weeks.
  • SSL Certificate (Green Padlock on your site).
  • PHP updates – when required.
  • Patchman server based security – Protects your web site from the server side.
  • Backup of the website (not mail) every week in two places with the last two weeks saved.
WordPress Maintenance Service

Look after my site please . . .

Important notes:

  • Due to hacking and malwares nature of constantly changing and developing some attacks can’t be prevented but have to be addressed as they appear. Therefore this security maintenance plan will not guarantee 100% protection from attacks but it will ensure the ‘best practice’ to mitigate the risks and provide you with a backup should the worst happen.
  • This maintenance is purely for the backup and updates of your sites software.It is not for making changes to the sites content or appearance and does not include SEO work or updates. So in summery this package is to assist the battle against malware, brute force attacks or client errors.
  • Should an attack happen then this package will allow for a ‘clean’ reinstall of your website.
  • This maintenance package does not include the hosting space costings.
  • Costings displayed are to be paid in advance.
  • You can of course maintain your website yourself after it is built. Alternatively here is an article with other maintenance services, Click Here!